With all three services of one of the world’s largest military forces undertaking modernization and indigenization programmes, India’s Aerospace and Defence sector is at an inflexion point.

As one of the world’s biggest importers of weapons and defence platforms, the three services, supported by interservice commands and institutions, have collectively taken upon themselves to be the precursors of ‘Make in India’ for the hardware and infrastructure that they take on.

As part of its ‘Make in India’ (i.e., ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’) program, the Indian government has also identified Aerospace and Defence as a focus area. Significant steps are being taken to establish indigenous manufacturing infrastructure supported by a proper research and development environment. Furthermore, with India also opening its space sector for private and foreign participation, this domain could further help establish long-term opportunities and partnerships, capitalizing on the synergies in defence and space.

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Digitalization for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

Digitalization for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

Aerospace and defence organizations are developing cutting-edge platforms and systems with unique performance goals. In addition, governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems for new aircraft and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the aerospace and defence product lifecycle and value chain.

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