Technology Innovations

Developing electric, connected, autonomous, and shared mobility concepts accelerates automotive technology innovation.

As the mobility industry transforms, electric vehicles will present significant opportunities across all segments, although the pace and extent of change will vary.

Technology Innovations
Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle electrification isn't just trending; it's rampant. Faced with stricter environmental regulations and consumer demands for sustainability, connectivity, and affordability, automakers and suppliers are discovering that rapid vehicle electrification is vital to their survival.

Our Vision On Electric Mobility

Launching new electric vehicles in the market is a crucial first step to ensuring fast, widespread adoption of electric mobility. To make the transformation successful, all players involved in the mobility ecosystem must work together, from EV manufacturers and suppliers to dealers and energy providers.

To meet these targets, OEMs, their supply chains, and the broader EV ecosystem are facing significant pressure as electrification accelerates. This is evident when setting up the charging infrastructure.


Siemens Vehicle Electrification

Offers a comprehensive set of digital solutions to slash development time, increase manufacturing adaptability, improve energy efficiency, and deliver high-quality electric vehicles (EVs) on time and within budget.

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